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A Cancer Support Blog For 'Bunnies'

Melisa Chandler is resident of Payson, Arizona, a 28 year photographer, and an Airbnb Ambassador who operates a full time guest home on the East Verde river in Whispering Pines.  She lives with her husband Tim operating a mini-farm with chickens, goats, miniature horses, and a pony, and she loves sharing her experiences in the Tonto National Forest with visitors to the mini-ranch from around the world.

Melisa's pet name around the house with Tim isn't "Babe" or "'Hun" or "Baby" - it's always been "Bunny".  She started it by calling Tim her "hunny-bunny" as teenagers, and the nickname has stuck for them both through 31 years of marriage.  Two 'bunnies'... living in the pine forests of Arizona. 


Now, one bunny has come upon a purple tree on her journey, representing the purple of pancreatic cancer.  The bunny is shown flying over the tree to continue her journey, watched by three stars representing her kids and husband, and five dots (her favorite number) representing the friends who support her.

Tag #purplepinetree in your posts on social media, and we'll be sure to add it to our journal of support.

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