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How to Help

Life changes so quickly, and the outpouring of support has been tremendous.  We appreciate those who've given time and attention over the past few months, and realize day-by-day that we really couldn't do without the support of others in this fight.

Nearly everyone we speak to asks how they can help - so we've come up with a few items below that we sorely need.

Direct Assistance

Animal/Ranch Assistance

We're keeping a list of people who can help us with caring for our animals at the mini-ranch here in Whispering Pines.  We need folks with horse experience to feed, water, run them, and muck while we're away for chemo days in the valley. 


Also on the list are gathering eggs, cleaning coops, and caring for our dogs.  If you think you may be able to assist - please reach out!

Contact Us

Stay with Us at the BNB

We plan to continue to run the BNB house and have worked out increased aid from our cleaning company and other partners.

The BNB house is a primary source of income for us, and we are shooing for 80% occupancy to ensure we cover expenses for everything for 2022 so we can maintain operations.  Please come to visit if you can, your patronage is greatly appreciated.


Thank you to all of you who supported us via GoFundMe.  The donation window has been closed.

"The cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine."

- Queen Elizabeth


It's difficult to ask for help sometimes, but as help has been given we understand how much we've needed it.  We appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and support as Melisa fights in the coming months and thank you for showing us the meaning of words like community, friendship, and compassion.

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