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April Update

Since leaving the hospital in March Melisa has been home in Whispering Pines in a holding pattern.

We tried to restart chemo at the beginning of April, but are waiting for her bloodwork to right side so she can get treatment. Numbers are trending in the right direction, but moving slower than she would like them to change. Melisa has some discomfort in her back (partly from sitting so much) and I've shared a photo here of what has become our go-to for back massages - she swears by this stuff - and my fingers get stronger every day as back massages are now part of our routine.

Fatigue has been a major factor for Melisa since March, and while I continue to work, often chores fall behind. Our community of friends here in Whispering Pines has come together to help - ready to back us up if we have any more impromptu hospital stays. While surprisingly difficult sometimes to accept it, it's wonderful to have the support and heart warming to see everyone come together on our behalf.

Virtual hugs from Payson. We'll post more as we go - next step: Melisa is having blood work every few days waiting for the numbers to hit targets needed to show her system is healthy enough to start chemo again.

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