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Good News from Melisa

Sharing a few of Melisa's Facebook musing from last 24 hours, for those not on Facebook. Please don't feel you have to join Facebook - we know many of you aren't on the platform. We'll continue to cross post. tc


Mar 30th, 1:56 PM MST

This is a picture from our drive home yesterday. Not a bad drive and it's beautiful."

"Monday I did another set of CT scans (looking for cancer anywhere else) and had my port put in. The port procedure went smoothly, I am just very sore. Tuesday had more blood drawn and met with my team of doctor's.

We found out my cancer has not advanced at all since last month, the CT was clear so no cancer anywhere else. I tested negative for the BRCA gene (cancer gene) and I got excepted into a clinical trial. So my chemo plan has changed. I will be able to a less aggressive form of chemo ( still effective for pancreatic cancer) and hopefully get selected to try a new device that goes on the outside of my body and fights the tumor from the outside at the same time chemo fights it from the inside. So chemo should start next Monday and we find out if I get to use the new device. SO MUCH GOOD NEWS ."

Mar 30th, 2:56 PM MST

"I am already braver now then I was. I used to stress about needles. I have jokingly said that, that was the worst thing about child birth...being hooked up to an IV. It also stopped me a few times from going to the ER for pain, knowing I would have to have an IV. Today...bring it. Poke my arm wherever. I even had to be poked twice yesterday. Once in each arm because we forgot about a certain blood test. No stress, no biggie, I got this."

"The other thing that is becoming a habit...looking for the positive. There is positivity everywhere always. Yesterday as I drank some peppermint tea there was a volunteer playing the piano and it was beautiful. I am also always looking for the humor in things. We left in such a hurry Monday and stayed in a hotel Monday night. I forgot "real" shoes. I did bring a pair of socks and my flip flops. My feet froze Monday so Tuesday I embraced being from Arizona and wore socks with flip flops. Made me laugh. All the cool kids are doing that you know. I do have to keep up..."

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