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Passing, May 21st, 2023

To our many friends and family who have followed Melisa's journey for so long...

Melisa left us at 11:07am Sunday morning the 21st of May. She was at home in our living room, resting comfortably, surround by her children and husband after several days of visits from extended family and friends.

As a whole, her transition was peaceful and beautiful - especially the last few hours. As odd as it may sound, it's a positive story that confirmed for us that even those in deep sedation from medication during end of life care are listening and processing, choosing when they will leave. When and if the time is ever right I look forward to sharing the story of Melisa's choice during her final moments with us, at the start of her grandest adventure.

She will be missed in ways words cannot describe.

Celebration of Life

Our family is planning a celebration of life for Melisa, open to family, friends, and neighbors on Sunday, June 4th at her home in Payson, Arizona. Please RSVP.

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