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Quick Update: Stable, Starting Radiation

Fell a bit behind on the blog as we went into Holiday mode, battled COVID, shoveled way more snow than expected on the mini-ranch, and generally got caught up in living without chemo treatments for a couple months.

Melisa's last treatment was in early November, and COVID delayed her start of radiation until Jan 10. She'll be doing an outpatient procedure first to place targets on her tumor, then will do a crash course of one week radiation treatments, each day for 5 days.

Last blood tests in early December we're good, with only a slight CA-19-9 increase that's still we'll undewell under the 'normal' threshold of 47. So, "stable" counts at last check.

She has hair again! We'll have to post pictures soon, but know that her hair is coming back thick and is about an inch long. We joke that it's still got a style of it's own with no interest in being 'tamed' - but Melisa is looking forward to being able to rock a new 'do in 2023.

We'll update as treatments start again this month. Thanks to so many of you who reached out for updates during the holiday. We are safe. We're happy. And we're grateful for the love and support from our community of friends and family.

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